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We publish information which is accessible to APA members in the Members' Only section that is related to ongoing engagement with First Nations Communities and the APA following these guidelines:

Resources Supporting Best Practices in Consultation or Engagement with First Nations.

The MTCS Standards and Guidelines for Consultant Archaeologists includes direction on 

Aboriginal engagement. As a service to members, the 'First Nations Contacts' tab in the Members Resources section will list and provide links to a number of documents providing advice on Consultation or Engagement protocols that have been developed by First Nations, Treaty Organizations or Tribal Councils for use by development proponents and government agencies.

For the protocols listed, APA will seek confirmation that they have been formally adopted by the concerned First Nations, Treaty Organizations or Tribal Councils. Wherever possible, the listed protocol also includes reference to the Band Council Resolution or motion that formally adopted the protocol. Members are advised to seek current information on engagement directly from the contacts listed.


Archaeological Protocols

The APA invites First Nations Communities to share their established archaeological protocols that have been adopted by Chief and Council.  To share your Council's protocols with our membership, please alert APA to the existence of your protocols via

Communities Consultation Point Person

The APA invites First Nations Communities to send their consultation point person's contact information to the APA for posting on our website. Please forward information to APA at this address: This contact information is only displayed to our APA Members. If you are an APA member, you can login to access this information. If you are not an APA member - please consider joining our association!


  • 11 Sep 2017 11:28 AM | Anonymous

    In September of 2016, the "Archaeological Protocol: Curve Lake First Nation" was released with approval by Chief and Council.  This document is available for download upon sign-in within the Members Resources and First Nations tab.

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  • 03 Feb 2012 8:46 PM | Anonymous
    As part of its long term initiative to promote good communications between archaeologists and First Nations in Ontario, the APA and Curve Lake First Nation recently completed a one week training session for archaeological site liaison staff. Between March 8th and 11th, 2010, 15 First Nations students were intensively trained in cultural sensitivity, archaeological methods and theory, and culture history.

    Teaching staff included First Nations elders and experts including Doug Williams, Mark Phillips, Arthor Otskinau and Ned Benson as well as archaeologists Cathy Crinnion, James Conolly, Nick Gromoff, Michael Henry, Lawrence Jackson and Alistair Jolly.

    The newly trained liaison staff will be available to work on archaeological projects within traditional Williams Treaty First Nations' territories. Please contact the APA directly if you are in need of a liaison staff person.

    We would like also to express our gratitude to Chief Keith Knott of Curve Lake First Nation for approving the involvement of Curve Lake First Nation as a partner with the APA and especially Anne Taylor, Cultural Archivist and Melissa Dokis and Krista Coppaway of the Duty to Consult programme for their efforts to organize and make this programme such a success. A number of First Nations people are now Associate members of the APA and we are looking forward to lots of positive engagement in future.

    Originally Submitted by Lawrence Jackson
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