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How to Hire An Archaeologist

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For proponents of projects that require that an Archaeological Assessment be conducted before an approval authority will provide your permit, consider the following steps

  1. Determine if the project is on land or underwater. If it is underwater, you will have to hire an archaeologist who can conduct underwater archaeological assessments. A professional archaeologist with a land licence is not acceptable to the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism (MCM).
  2. Determine the geographic area of the project. Many archaeologists can conduct projects province-wide. Other archaeologists do not hold licences to conduct in certain areas of the province and are restricted to a geographic area.
  3. Consult the APA Directories on this website for archaeological consultants. APA members are required to follow a code of ethics. One of the conditions for obtaining an Archaeological Licence from MCM is to be a member in good standing, and APA is recognized as the Professional Organization by the MCM. Being an APA member allows archaeologists to apply for, and hold, a provincial archaeological license.
  4. Contact the archaeological consulting firm and provide them with a description of the project, size of the area, the condition of the subject lands (i.e. ploughed, ploughable, or non-ploughable). Request a proposal and strategy.
  5. APA cannot make recommendations regarding the hiring of any one consultant.

If you still have questions, please contact the APA. See contact information here or on our Contact Page.

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