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Licencing Regulations for Ontario Archaeologists

> Standards & Guidelines For Consultant Archaeologists (2011) ~ MTCS

Standards & Guidelines for Consultant Archaeologists conducting land-based archaeology in Ontario are published by the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism (formerly Tourism, Culture and Sport).

Find a copy here:

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport: Standards & Guidelines [PDF Link]

Standards and Guidelines for Consultant Archaeologists (government website)

MCM (MTCS) Bulletins:

Archaeological Sites

The Archaeology of Rural Historical Farmsteads

Winter Archaeology

Engaging Aboriginal Communities in Archaeology

Forest Operations on Crown Lands

A general overview of archaeology in Ontario from the government's perspective is found here.

Also, the link below will provide developers with an overview of triggers for an archaeological assessment, the various types of archaeological assessments, etc. There is also a section on land use planning and development which provides an overview of the process.

Archaeological Assessments

> Registrar's Directive: Archaeological Assessments & Investigations on Cemetery Lands (2018) ~ Bereavement Authority of Ontario

Registrars Directive_Archaeological Assessments and Investigations on Cemetery Lands_Apr112018.pdf

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