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~  Paul Lennox Award  ~

The Paul Lennox Research Award was created to honour the memory of Paul Lennox who forged a unique career as an Ontario research archaeologist working mainly with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.  Paul’s research interests were varied and the resulting publications were diverse and insightful.  Lennox was the first Ontario archaeologist to publish a full description in 2000 of an Ontario village site avoiding the common trap of assuming ethnicity from potsherds and referred to it as a First Nations settlement. Paul published on all cultural timeframes of Indigenous sites, and indeed anything noteworthy - feeling an obligation to understand and share learned knowledge.  It is only fitting then that an award in Paul’s name be intended to help promote research in Ontario archaeology and be open to competition from all member categories of the APA – student, associate, field director, professional, First Nation liaison and First Nation Consultation members.

deadline: Sunday September 1st, 2024 at 11:59pm Eastern

Frequency: an annual call for award applications will be issued

Value of the Award: $500 plus one complimentary year of membership in the APA

Purpose of the Award: To assist with research costs such as graphics, specialized analyses other than radiocarbon (APA has separate awards for radiocarbon), authorship time, and leading to a publication in an ISBN registered Canadian publication. 

Parameters: This award is open to competition from all member categories of the APA (Ontario), and is not to be used to fund activities that have existing funding sources in place. The successful applicant must demonstrate that the award was used for a substantive contribution to a research article or book on Ontario archaeology submitted for publication. It should be noted that the APA Occasional Paper Series in Ontario Archaeology would qualify among other Canadian journals and even newsletters.

Adjudication: An awards committee of three APA members will make recommendations to the APA Executive from among the award applicants.

To enter: members provide a 1-2 page outline with the following information in an email to

  • a description of your research project with an explanation of how it aligns with the spirit and intent of the Paul Lennox Award
  • a statement detailing the aspect of your publication preparation that will be enabled by these award funds
  • a statement detailing where the resulting work will be submitted for publication


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