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~  Radiocarbon Date Awards  ~

Those of you who have been perusing the newly updated Newsletter archives on the website may have seen talk of the lottery and its lucky recipients in the past.  The Executive has been working to revive this assistance to its members, and the added benefit for all will be the sharing of the dating results and the significance of those dates to the sites from which the samples are recovered.

Radiocarbon Date Merit Award

APA Ontario is pleased to announce the revival of this special contest for members. The prize is the cost of one sample dated at A.E. Lalonde AMS Facility, one of APA’s sponsors. Open to APA members holding the PIF on a recent/current project, or all APA members conducting research on a project with no active PIF. Current projects or past projects -- you decide which samples are likely to provide valuable information to yourself and your colleagues.

**New** deadline to apply:

December 15th, 2018

To enter, simply provide us with the following information in an email to

  • Your information (name, contact, etc.)
  • PIF number for the project where the sample was collected
  • Site type
  • Sample context
  • Material to be dated

Also provide a brief note indicating:

  • How this date will contribute to the archaeological record in Ontario
  • Brief history of site investigations
  • How this award will contribute to your work as a professional archaeologist

The primary condition of the award is acknowledgement of the APA when the date is used in publication, and submission of a short note for the APA website and newsletter. This newsletter/ website report can be a brief summary of the project, site, context and sample with a comment on the date returned (how the date relates to expectations and how it contributes to the understanding of the site).

A small committee will evaluate entries for members to receive a complimentary AMS C14 analysis from A.E. Lalonde AMS Facility.


Radiocarbon Date Lottery

October 2017APA member Darci Clayton is this year's fortunate winner of the draw for one complimentary AMS C14 analysis.  Darci is currently enrolled in a Master's Degree at Trent University.

Darci's thesis research involves statistically analyzing the variability of morphological styles and raw material used to manufacture projectile points in south-central Ontario between the Late Archaic and Late Woodland time periods. This analysis will provide useful information about possible trade networks involving the groups in south-central Ontario, and other influences on projectile point variability. 

Radiocarbon dates directly associated with projectile points from this region are very rare, but any available dates will be very informative for my research. Very few analyses have been completed on projectile points from this region, and conclusions based on south-western Ontario assemblages are often projected on south-central Ontario sites. The comparatively different environment and cultural groups of south-central Ontario suggest that it may be incorrect in projecting these assumptions on to these assemblages. Darci's research aims at illuminating this gap in knowledge.

> the Sample: a wood charcoal sample from a feature that was directly associated with a Meadowood Projectile point

> the Site: Dawson Creek Site (BaGn-16)

> the Context: Wood Charcoal sample from Feature 15;

sample taken from 10-20cm depth

> Site does not have a PIF number as it was excavated in 1981

More detail about Darci's thesis research has been published in APA Newsletter 2017:2.

Results of the AMS C14 analysis for this Dawson Creek Site sample will be published in an upcoming APA newsletter and on this webpage. 


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