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The Archaeology of Patterson Village: A 19th Century Company Town in the Township of Vaughan, Ontario by William D. Finlayson (Our Lands Speak Vol.1)

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Author William (Bill) Finlayson takes this simplistic definition, yet extraordinarily complicated field of study, and gives us a fascinating look into a piece of local Ontario history. Through the meticulously documented and analyzed “objects dug up from the ground,” we learn how the people of Patterson Village worked and socialized. Dr. Finlayson’s wonderfully descriptive prose, illustrations, and pictures, transport us back in time to the mid-1800s where we have a front-row seat to the lives of the people of Patterson Village. This is Volume 1 of the Our Lands Speak series. The eBook (.pdf) format is available at: ! Dr. Finlayson is generously donating 15% from the sale of each book to APA Ontario!
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