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Graduate Research Seeking Input re: 19thC Cellar Features

29 Nov 2017 8:40 PM | Anonymous

Hello, I am conducting a brief questionnaire as part of my MA research at Western University, and would like to ask any professional archaeologists who work (or have worked) in Ontario‚Äôs Cultural Resource Management sector to answer a few questions about excavating 19th century domestic sites, specifically about cellar features.

This questionnaire only takes about two minutes, and has four questions, mostly multiple choice, with an option to leave additional comments if you wish to do so. Your collective answers will form aggregate data that will be used to help frame current mindsets and methodologies when assessing this important feature type. Your identity will be kept confidential.

Thank you to those that will participate. Please click on the Survey Monkey link below to be directed to the questionnaire.

Corbin Berger

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